The purpose of Kvinnokapital is to provide a network for women in asset management and asset management related industries in the Nordics. The industry has come a long way in gender equalty, however it has still room for improvement and women as well as men have the power and knowledge to influence and close the gap in the market.

This code of conduct has been compiled by input from all members of the network. The purpose of the code of conduct is to set the tone for all Kvinnokapital communication and activities and to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and active participation.

  • Display both personal and professional qualities of integrity, respect, and honesty in dealings with other Kvinnokapital members.
  • Mutual understanding that networking is about developing relationships, sharing knowledge, experience and building trust.
  • Encourage and empower members in order to attract more women to the industry and provide career opportunities.
  • Support and sponsor members to help them advance in their career aspirations in every way possible.
  • All members to engage and help organize network activities such as after work drinks, guest speakers and network lunches. Kvinnokapital committee to delegate engagements appropriately.
  • Refraining from inappropriate sharing of member data.
  • Finally‚Ķinspire, be inspired and have fun!