Kvinnokapital is a private network of women who work in the asset management industry. Each member of the network signs up in her own personal name, and Kvinnokapital is not registered as a legal entity, nor owned by any other legal entity. Therefore, the new European legislation on data protection (GDPR) does not apply to Kvinnokapital, as it does not apply to private persons.

We have set up this very short and informal policy anyway to let you know a few important elements.

  • When you register as a member with Kvinnokapital, you allow the website to store your data and the other members to have access to your data.
  • Kvinnokapital does not share your data with any other third party provider unless you sign up for an event that is proposed by a third party.
  • When your data is shared with a third party, the privacy of this company applies to the use of your data
  • Nordic Business Media AB generously provides hosting of the website and pays for the annual fee for the domain name, but it has been agreed that the intellectual property of the website, including its content and its name belong to the Kvinnokapital network, and that Nordic Business Media has no right to use the website for any purpose, unless explicitly requested by Kvinnokapital.
  • Nordic Business Media has access to the data that it hosts, and therefore to the private data of Kvinnokapital’s members. However, Nordic Business Media has not received any formal mandate from Kvinnokapital nor has Kvinnokapital allowed Nordic Business Media to use its data in any way. Given that Kvinnokapital is not a legal entity but is represented by an informal group of private persons, the necessity for such a mandate or contract between Kvinnokapital and Nordic Business Media is not required, but Kvinnokapital has given its consent to Nordic Business Media for storing its data on the network’s behalf.
  • Nordic Business Media will never use any of the site content’s or any of the personal data stored on the site, for its own benefit or the benefit of any other third party, unless explicitly authorised to do so. It will not access the data unless required, in a temporary manner, for technical reasons, including maintenance or repair, and it will not share data with third-parties unless required by the applicable laws and regulations, or explicitly by Kvinnokapital.