After Work with Kathryn Kaminski

On 5 October, KvinnoKapital, in partnership with Alpha Simplex Group and Natixis, had the privilege to arrange an After Work drink with Kathryn Kaminski, Ph.D., CAIA.

Kathryn lived in Stockholm for several years and lectured at the Royal Institute of Technology and the Stockholm School of Economics before returning to the USA, her homeland, at the end of 2014.  Since 2018, Kathryn is Chief Research Strategist and Portfolio Manager at systematic hedge fund manager Alpha Simplex Group. She talked about what she enjoys the most about her current assignment and how she experienced being a woman in a particularly male-dominated segment of the asset management industry.  

Among many other things, Kathryn highlighted a quote on her graduation by one of her strong role models, Agneta Dreber; “When I was young people said to me that you have to work twice as hard as a man to succeed-I didn’t think that as so bad because they did not look like much competition to me” and concluded that still today, in many instances, to be accepted as equal as a  woman you have to be exceptional. “We will only have true diversity and balance when as a woman you can be average and still have your seat at the table!” she said. 


Kathryn’s inspirational speech gave rise to many interesting stories and reflections by everyone present and the time passed very quickly until Kathryn had to rush off to fly to her next stop, but we all agreed to keep this conversation going, not the least in the context of Kvinnokapital.

Thank you very much Kathryn for taking the time to attend and inspiring us all. We look forward to seeing you soon again.

And thank you Natixis,  for hosting this event in the very nice Capital Bar at Scandic Continental, much appreciated.


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