Afterwork at Norrsken’s House

We had a very nice mingle at the beautiful venue of Norrsken’s House. Many thanks to Phenix Capital for inviting us to share a glass of bubbly while talking to founder and CEO Sophie RobĂ© about impact investing. An impressive company started in the Netherlands who now counts a new branch in Stockholm driven by one of Kvinnokapital’s member, Irene Mastelli.

Phenix Capital was born from the urgency to integrate more impact investments into institutional investors and asset owners’ allocation. The company now helps a multitude of impact-driven asset managers in all asset classes to reach out to the right investors, while continuously educating and inspiring investors to open their horizon to impact investments.

We also got a chance to hear about Norrsken’s House and how the space is being used for entrepreneurs and small organisations within sustainability can find both a sustainable workspace as well as inspiration and network to help them grow and prosper.


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