Career Lunch: Take charge of your Future – Bold moves & Career Plans

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our Career Lunch with generous support from Heidrick & Struggles at Alecta‘s office.

Key takeaways from our panel:
– You don’t necessarily need to have a rigid plan, but you can likely identify a common thread throughout your career, much like Ulrika Hasselgren who started her business career in 1985, recruited by McKinsey & Company straight out of art school, to where she is today as Chief Sustainability Officer at Coeli and member of several boards. In her case, the characteristics of the work environment, the people she interacts with, and a shared vision for developing solutions and client focus have been vital.

Susanna Amcoff Bridfelt, that started working as a teacher and is now the Head of Fund Groups for the Nordic region at Allfunds, emphasized the importance of not overstaying in one role and discovering where you perform best. Learn what you enjoy and pursue that path!

We also learned that it’s crucial to keep the rooftop open and to take time to reflect on the softer aspects of your career, such as your relationship with your boss and your overall happiness. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from individuals who can help you and challenge your fears. When venturing into unfamiliar territory, trust in your ability to learn— and keep your mind open! Don’t dwell on the experiences you lack. Be like many men Maria Wahl Burvall has encountered in her role as HR Manager at Alecta — focus on your potential and believe in your capacity to learn.

Patrik Hammar offered valuable advice for when headhunters call: answer the phone. It’s perfectly acceptable to express that you’re not interested at the moment but offer your resume for future consideration. Echoing Maria’s sentiment, remember to maintain an open mind and adopt Ulrika’s affirmative attitude toward exploring new opportunities – and follow Susanna’s advice to dare to make a change!

Thank you all for joining us last week, and we hope to see you at our next event 18 October!


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