Driven to build and grow as an entrepreneur

To get to know each other better, KvinnoKapital reaches out to the members who are moving jobs and asks them a few questions to inspire the rest of us!

Sofia Beckman has a rich background in finance with significant roles in both Stockholm and New York, including leadership positions at SEB. She served as CEO at Atle Investment Services before co-founding North House in 2022, alongside Julia Haglind and others, with the support of the venture builder Hidden Dreams, part of the EHAB Group. In May, Sofia transitioned into an operational role at North House, leveraging her extensive expertise to drive the mission of simplifying governance. Recently, she also joined the board of ISEC Group AB (publ).

In this interview, Sofia shares about her new job, her best memory from her previous job, and some valuable tips that have helped her in her career.

“Staying grounded in core values and investing in self-discovery has been crucial for maintaining integrity and building trust. Reflecting regularly on one’s path ensures continuous growth and fulfillment.”

Can you tell us about your new job? What is the one thing that decided you to take it (apart from the money)?

As a Partner at RegTech company North House, I am engaging deeply with challenges that resonate with my past experiences as CEO of a regulated startup, where I dealt firsthand with the substantial costs and complexities tied to compliance. North House is at the forefront of pioneering solutions that simplify and embed effective governance practices. These innovations not only ensure compliance but also boost operational efficiency by integrating technology and innovative practices to lessen the burdensome overhead of traditional compliance and governance processes. This makes crucial governance aspects more manageable and less intrusive for businesses across various sectors, allowing asset managers to concentrate more on their core activities and fostering environments of integrity and accountability.

I am driven to build and grow as an entrepreneur. I also see a tremendous opportunity to influence the governance landscape by providing tools that help organizations establish cultures of integrity and accountability, which in turn drive long-term value and trust. This role aligns perfectly with my values and professional journey, marking a natural and exhilarating next step.

What is your best memory form the job you are just leaving? 

My best memories at Atle revolve around our commitment to niche active management and the crucial role of partnerships in driving innovation and achieving alpha. Despite a tough market, we raised capital, established a robust fund service platform, and launched a fund management company. These initiatives enabled smaller asset managers to compete in an industry trending toward consolidation, often seemingly impervious due to high entry thresholds.

Beyond these strategic milestones, what I cherish most is what I learned from my colleagues. Their diverse perspectives and unwavering commitment to excellence profoundly impacted me, enriching our collective effort and innovation. Their passion and hard work have been a source of inspiration, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work alongside such talented individuals.

Can you share a tip or a life hack that has helped you in your career? What was the outcome? 

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I received was from my mentor at SEB, Hanna Dalhagen, who emphasized the importance of staying grounded in your core values and investing time in self-discovery. This guidance has been instrumental in maintaining my integrity, building trust with colleagues and stakeholders, and forging meaningful professional relationships.

Another crucial life hack has been to embrace the discomfort of new challenges. Early in my career, taking on a seemingly overwhelming leadership role taught me that stepping outside your comfort zone is a sign of growth. This opportunity, encouraged by a manager who saw my potential, became one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. It taught me the importance of curiosity, continuous learning, and proactive engagement in leadership. Connected to this growth, I later understood the significance of knowing when to seek new opportunities. This took more experience to understand the timing, but recognizing when you’ve outgrown a role or when the cultural alignment is off is also crucial for continued growth. It’s important to stop and reflect on a regular basis, assessing your current situation and future potential. Each new role has provided fresh learning opportunities and development paths, reinforcing the value of embracing change for career success and personal fulfillment.




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