How to Lead Yourself and Work Productively

On the 14th April, the fund selection and reporting platform, Fundrella, hosted a virtual lunch event for KvinnoKapital members to discuss topics such as productivity, self-leadership and habits. 40 high-performing women took time out of their busy day to learn and grow together. The session featured guest speaker Amanda Backholm, a certified coach, lecturer and entrepreneur. She helps high-performing women create a balanced life and career without burning out and has supported more than 700 professionals globally.

According to Amanda, by leading ourselves we take responsibility for our wellbeing, both at work and at home. Self-leadership is about managing one’s resources; knowing when to accelerate and when to step back. We learned that deep focus work can be done only two hours a day. Some tips we received were to use our calendar wisely; to identify which time of the day we are most focused and alert and then to carve out time for deep work around that time. Otherwise, we risk being reactive to other’s needs all day long and not having time to tackle those important tasks we should be prioritising.

As a bonus, we received a 10-minute walk-and-listen-podcast guiding us through three micro-actions to use in our everyday life. So inspiring!

Finally, we learned that feeling joy at work increases productivity tremendously. So, let’s hope that the pandemic will be over soon so that we can see one another at the office, go for lunches, laugh together to work more productively. But also, to make recovery a natural part of our day and increase the feeling of balance, joy and belonging!


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