KvinnoKapital 10 years!

Today, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of KvinnoKapital! The keynote speaker was Jina Zachrisson, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and author of the book “Maktskifte? Equality according to the female business elite.” Jina shared her reflections and conclusions from interviews with around fifty female power holders regarding equality at the management level, how women can empower themselves, and what we can learn from men.

Here are some key takeaways from Jina’s presentation:

  • Companies don’t randomly choose a woman in the city just because of her gender. If you get a chance, seize it!
  • Avoid going part-time. Bosses know that women can deliver full-time work even in a part-time arrangement.
  • As a salary tip, if the choice is between the person who screams the loudest and the one who seems happiest, the one who screams the most will probably get the highest raise. Dare to scream!

We also had the pleasure of listening to Agate Freimane, General Partner at the Norrsken Foundation, and a panel discussion featuring Julia Axelsson, the founder of KvinnoKapital, Veronica Wahlberg, one of the earliest members of KvinnoKapital, and Anahita Asadi, a relatively new member of KvinnoKapital.


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