Privacy Policy

Kvinnokapital is a private network registered as a non-profit organisation with no commercial intent for women working in the asset management industry. Each member of the network signs up in her own personal name.

When using the KvinnoKapital website, please consider the following:

  • When you register as a member with Kvinnokapital, you allow the website to store your data and the other members to have access to your data.
  • Each member explicitly agrees to sharing contact details and to abide by our code of conduct, which requires members not to use other member data for commercial purposes.
  • Kvinnokapital does not share your data with any other third party provider unless you sign up for an event that is proposed by a third party. In that case KvinnoKapital may share your name with the event organiser but not your contact details.
  • KvinnoKapital does not handle sensitive personal data, including health-related data, except when you sign up for a lunch event and indicate dietary requirements. In such cases, KvinnoKapital will only share dietary requirements when strictly necessary with third-parties such as venue providers or caterers in order to provide you with the best possible experience. This data is not stored after the event has taken place.
  • When your data is shared with a third party, the privacy policy of this company applies to the use of your data.
  • KvinnoKapital may share professional data from non-members such as when necessary to organise events or other activities. In this case, the data will not be stored on the website or other associated email services (see below). The data will only be kept for the use that it is intended for.
  • Big Green Tree Media AB, a privately-owned company headquartered and registered in Sweden, provides some hosting and web-management services to enable KvinnoKapital to maintain its website. It has been agreed that the intellectual property of the website, including its content and its name belong to the Kvinnokapital network, and that Big Green Tree Media has no right to use the website for any purpose, unless explicitly requested by Kvinnokapital.
  • Big Green Tree Media AB has access to the data that it hosts, and therefore to the private data of Kvinnokapital’s members. The agreement between KvinnoKapital and Big Green Tree Media does not allow Big Green Tree Media to use data beyond the needs of KvinnoKapital. Therefore, Big Green Tree Media will never use any of the site content’s or any of the personal data stored on the site, for its own benefit or the benefit of any other third party. It will not access the data unless required, in a temporary manner, for technical reasons, including maintenance or repair, and it will not share data with third-parties unless required by the applicable laws and regulations, or explicitly by Kvinnokapital. The privacy policy of Big Green Tree Media AB is available here.
  • Cookies: in order to monitor traffic and to be able to make your experience on the website more convenient, KvinnoKapital’s website may use Cookies which store and monitor your data such as your IP address. In order for us to be able to do so, you need to agree.
  • Ultimate Member: in order to allow members to register and to maintain the membership register, we use a plugin on the KvinnoKapital website called Ultimate Member. The plugin has access to all the data that members have agreed to share with KvinnoKapital. The privacy policy is available here.
  • Mailchimp: in order to send out newsletters and invitations to our events, we use a third party campaign management service called Mailchimp. Mailchimp therefore stores your contact details and has its own privacy policy.
  • Events Calendar and Registrations for the Events Calendar: in order to monitor attendance at our events and send reminders and links to digital events, we use two plugins one called the Events Calendar and the other Registrations for the Events Calendar. Both plugins have access to the data of members who have signed up to the events. The privacy policy of the Events Calendar is available here.
  • You have the right to be forgotten and to delete all your data. If you want help with doing so, please reach out to the board of KvinnoKapital by email. You can also do so by yourself by using the link at the bottom of any invitation or newsletter sent through Mailchimp and by accessing your account on the KvinnoKapital website.
  • If you have any questions, you should reach out to the board of KvinnoKapital by email or to Big Green Tree Media’s data protection officer by email.