Kvinnokapital event on International Women’s Day 2017


On this day, KvinnoKapital had the privilege to host Barbara Stewart, Canadian researcher, writer and speaker focusing on women and finance. This year she released her seventh instalment of her Rich Thinking series on International Women’s Day, global study with the topic How smart women are managing their money in 2017.

Barbara followed the first question How do you manage your money with a Why do you invest in that way, and discovered that women come in multitudes and ‘managing’ has a different meaning. Regardless of age, profession, city or cultural background, smart women end up managing their investments one way or the other.

Barbara started her speech today with a theme – Women need finance and Finance needs women. There is a shift in the financial industry on how to capture the No 1 target customer making decisions – the woman. Many of today’s women are money makers and are financially independent, and not only men want to manage money – women want that too. To make women feel comfortable managing money, women need knowledge to do investments. How? Technology is now a given with financial advice in apps, web sites, chat forums. Ideally that is combined with education, smaller investment events and even small social financial salons. The experienced advisors of the financial sector need to encourage women to start managing their investments even in small scale. Many women tend to manage investments more out of a cause and concerns and investing in matters of humanity. To capture women’s management of money, banks and finance professionals need to understand the values, ideas and language of women.

This year interviews resulted in categorising the women in different financial behaviours with three different styles, and women tend to fall into one of these categories. In the research study Barbara lets women around the globe share their thoughts with quotes on how they manage their money.

#1 Structured and savvy: Three Buckets and a Bucket List

Many women use Excel spread sheets and categorize their spending into the buckets of short term spending, medium term spending Growth of the House, and long term which includes the Fun of the House.

#2 Strategic and sophisticated: Informed and In Control

Women informed with deep financial knowledge and understanding of business models and the investing environment in their country can be more sophisticated in managing their money. These women tend to invest in wise spending including investing in their career, building a brand or travelling to pursue professional opportunities.

#3 Rebels with a Cause: The Free Spirits

Smart women who invest all their energy in a cause that matters to their hearts, money is seldom in focus. These women find trusted advisors to manage their money. They will get the job done!

You may access the Rich Thinking studies on the website barbarastewart.ca and of course link with Barbara here on LinkedIn.

This year research will focus on the Millenials – who are they? “Young women, good wine lovers, user experienced and with financial education.” We can all look forward to next International Women’s day with some exciting and interesting reading from young women sharing their views.

Warm Thank You to our members of BlackRock for arranging the beautiful venue and lovely lunch.

By the pen, Eva Rosén


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