Thank you for your inputs and valuable feedback!

Dear Network,

A while ago we asked you to participate in a survey, where your answers and suggestions would help us to focus our efforts on what you, the members, would like to see more of.

With the answers in hand, we can clearly see that the actual networking, meeting new people and building relations, is what all of you would like to achieve with your membership in KvinnoKapital. In particular many of you would like more educational and career focused networking events. We will keep this in mind, as we plan new events going forward.

We can see that all of you that replied have been active at virtual events during the pandemic. We also note that many of you have participated at physical events, such as lunch groups, lunch walk&talks and afterworks. Your answers show that afterworks and lunch seminars are where you feel you gain best opportunity to meet with other members and we couldn’t agree more! Now that the restrictions are lifted, we look forward to organising more events where we will meet in person.

Inspirational events, where we invite female leaders to speak is something you would all like to see more of going forward. And where would we turn to look for inspirational women if not to the members of KvinnoKapital?  If you have any suggestions of a member whom you would like to hear more from, please do let us know.

Finally, the board of KvinnoKapital has discussed setting up a mentoring programme and this is something, based on your feedback, you would be keen on hearing more about and possibly participating in. We will continue to explore the idea and we welcome any further ideas that you may have on what such a programme would look like.

In summary, it is evident from the survey responses that you would all very much like to meet in person again, to discuss achievements and challenges that you may face at work or simply to be inspired by other women in the network. And just have a good time together! We will definitely keep your suggestions of topics in mind for future events.

Some of you also wish to become more active in KvinnoKapital, which is great. We will reach out to you separately to see how you would like to contribute.

Once again, thank you very much all and we look forward to seeing you all, in person, very soon!

Best regards,

Board of KvinnoKapital