Women on Boards

During a wintery evening in February, Ress Capital treated KvinnoKapital’s members to a “Mingle & Bubbly” event whilst we tuned into the collective wisdom of a panel consisting of experienced board professionals active both in Sweden and internationally.

The panelists’ views on a successful journey to becoming one of the growing number of desired female board members were diverse but with one common theme – the importance of articulating your dream and igniting your network! Whereas some panelists took courses to help them reach their goals, others reflected on their voyage having been more defined by the ‘banana peel principle’.

Either way the advice to aspiring board professionals was to ensure to make a plan and acknowledge what brought you here and identify what is needed to get you there. The advice was given to engage with people in the board position you desire – make sure to have that lunch! Aim for large enough assignments and before accepting one – take references, be selective but brave.

Once you are on a board and want to make a difference – lean in and ask questions. It could be lonely on your way to the top and the panel shared its thoughts on mentoring; how a mentor can help guide whilst you work towards achieving your ambitions, be it to be on a board or another professional goal.    


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