Women who Invest with Jessica Robinson

On November 24, 2021, we held what we hope to be the first of a new series on “Women who invest”, to inspire women to invest their own capital, more often and in a smarter way.

For this inaugural session, we have invited our special guest, Jessica Robinson who presented her new book “Financial Feminism”.

Jessica Robinson is the Founder and Managing Director of Moxie Future–the world’s first insights, education and community platform empowering women as responsible, sustainable and impact investors. As well as running Moxie Future, Jessica works as a strategic advisor to institutional investors, think tanks and governments on all things relating to green finance, sustainability, responsible investment and gender. Prior to this, Jessica was Head of Asia for the United Nations–supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), following a long stint as Chief Executive and Board Director of the Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA) among several other assignments.

She recently published a book on sustainable investing entitled ‘Financial Feminism: A Woman’s Guide To Investing For a Sustainable Future’. Jessica has lived and worked in the UK, North America, Asia (China and Hong Kong) and is now based in the UAE.

During this live interactive webinar where participants were highly encouraged to ask questions and react to Jessica’s thoughts, she explained why it’s important to take the discussion about money with women beyond the initial awkwardness.

“Today, women control a significant amount of world wealth: about 32% of global private wealth is controlled by women. This is expected to grow annually and recent estimates show that it will double every decade and the reason behind that it is increasingly self -generated, by women in work and as business owners, as opposed to through heritage or divorce,” she says.

“We know there is a huge gender pay gap – we are 200 years behind in economic parity – how can that still be the case in 2021? The gender investment gap is huge because women are not investing as much as men. We are leaving more in cash than men tend to which is saving not investing. The gender funding gap is something I am incredibly passionate about,” Jessica continues.

“Financial Feminism is also about the quality. It is not just about trends and gap. It is about using the power and wealth to push for a positive trend in the world, by investing in companies and sectors that are aligned with [women’s] vision of the world. Financial Feminism is about women using their voice through their money through their wealth, and say: “enough is enough, I don’t want to invest in something I do not agree with,” she explains.

At KvinnoKapital we believe in live events, and while we have switched from in-person to virtual settings during these times, we usually don’t record our meetings. This time, however, we made an exception! Listen to the whole conversation in the replay available here.


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