Wanted: leaders of the industry for interview

SSgA Center for Applied Research – Would like to interview leaders of the industry

Please find below interesting invitation from SSgA with regard to their latest research project.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to Phil Palanza, (PLPalanza@StateStreet.com) or Mimmi Kheddache Jendeby (mkheddachejendeby@statestreet.com) should you have questions or require more information on this:

“Building upon the success of the Center for Applied Research and the CFA Institute’s body of work, our next 18-month flagship study seeks an answer to the following fundamental question:

Why does the investment management industry need to exist? – As noted in our 2016 Discovering Phi: Motivation as the Hidden Variable of Performance study, the why we do something influences how well we do something. Hence, it is critical to understand the “why”, or what really matters, to ensure that we as an industry can effectively generate value to all of our stakeholders.

Our industry’s purpose – our “why” – is ultimately a function of investors’ core values and beliefs, both at the individual and institutional level. Therefore, we look to uncover how these beliefs are changing and how those changes affect our industry’s purpose over time. This is particularly important in a brave new world of dramatic technological developments around artificial intelligence and machine learning and pressing sustainability and social challenges.

In order to gather qualitative data to this study we are looking to interview leaders of the industry across the globe. We would be very grateful if we could get an opportunity to meet with and interview members of KvinnoKapital. The interview will take one hour and no preparations are needed. We will be able to come and interview you at your office location. The interviews will take place the following days in Stockholm: March 8th and 9th after 14:30. March 12th and 13th.

If you’re interested in participating please contact Phil Palanza, (PLPalanza@StateStreet.com) or Mimmi Kheddache Jendeby (mkheddachejendeby@statestreet.com)”


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