Take the Survey: What is it like for women working in finance?

Kvinnokapital is happy to cooperate with Erik Wijkström, a MSc Management student at University College London by encouraging our members to answer a survey that will allow for an interesting study about women in finance.

Here is some more information about the survey:

This study seeks to examine women’s experience working in finance, its effect on their wellbeing and how these experiences can differ depending on the norms and values of the country women are working in.

This study can provide information to trade associations, organisations, and women and men alike that can benefit them in their efforts to improve the working environment for their employees and in their efforts to attract more women to the financial industry.

Erik Wijkström a MSc Management student at University College London will be doing the research.

Women who work in the finance industry will be asked to participate in the study.

The survey takes approximately 12 minutes.

To proceed to the survey, follow this link.


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