Trend Spotting Breakfast – What does your future workplace look like?

On  Thursday 30 January, recruitment company Talents of Sweden, together with KvinnoKapital, invited our members to a breakfast meeting on the theme of the future workplaces

After a round of presentations by the early bild participants, Lisa de Verdier och Jennie Lundqvist,  both recruitment consultants, gave some background on Talents of Sweden as a company and their three business areas, recruitment, interim and HR support.

Talents of Sweden is a quite young company and their focus on people in their early career in the wider financial industry have given them valuable insights to what will be important to attract and retain young talents.

Discussion Highlights

During the interactive presentation, themes like the  Gig economy where people work on short terms contract and projects, and the digitalisation of many of our current tasks were discussed as well as the impact that will have on the future professional roles in our industry and in society as a whole?. Is is true as one Swedish survey states that 53% of the jobs that exist today will disappear in the coming decades and  what will be the new ones? Exciting times ahead.

We want to thank  Talents of Sweden for this nice initiative – and the members that joined despite the early hour at 07.45!

Do reach out to Lisa and Jennie if you are interested to learn more or simply for a meeting, building relations for the longer term. Their contact details along with other search firms we recommend are available here.

You will also see some of their current open positions on the KvinnoKapital job board shortly.


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